What to Do if My Braces Hurt

June 10, 2022
women getting Braces in Port St. Lucie

Braces in Port St. Lucie are notorious for causing discomfort, and we won’t deny it. Surprisingly, even after knowing about braces’ pain, most of these patients still push through with the orthodontic treatment. The good news is that braces pain can be managed. Besides being manageable, the pain is also tolerable and temporary. 

kid with Braces in Port St. Lucie

Tips for Effectively Relieving Braces Pain 

Rub Oral Anesthetic Over Your Teeth and Gums 

Did you know that you can achieve pain relief by simply rubbing an oral anesthetic over your teeth and gums? You can apply the solution directly to your finger or a cotton swab and rub it over painful areas. An oral anesthetic will help soothe your sensitive teeth and gums, so you won’t feel discomfort as your teeth move. 

OTC Painkillers  

Another helpful option is to take over-the-counter pain medications. Discomfort after your appointment is expected because your orthodontist had just tightened your wires, adding pressure on your teeth to shift them into the direction where they will eventually be positioned. 

It’s important to follow the dosage instructions. Depending on OTC painkillers is highly discouraged. If you are still experiencing intense pain weeks after the adjustment, let your orthodontist know about it so they can check what’s going on. 

Ice Pack 

Applying an ice pack over the area can help numb the site and minimize inflammation. If you don’t have an ice pack, you can drink an ice-cold glass of water to help number your mouth and relieve some discomfort. 

Checking Braces in Port St. Lucie

Looking to Get Braces in Port St. Lucie? 

Orthodontic treatment requires patience. Pain and discomfort are part of the package, but the good news is that the discomfort is tolerable, and you’ll only experience it while your mouth adjusts to the wires. 

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