Everything You Need to Know About Malocclusion

May 2, 2022
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One of the reasons why you may need braces in Fort Pierce is malocclusion. You’ve probably heard your orthodontist mention the term once or twice during your consultation. To put it simply, malocclusion is a bad bite. If your upper and lower teeth do not line up correctly when you close your mouth, you call that malocclusion. It usually happens when your teeth are crooked or crowded. However, it may also occur if your upper and lower jaws are misaligned. The excellent news is malocclusion can be treated with braces.

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Interesting Facts About Malocclusion

How Can Malocclusion Affect My Health?

Should you treat malocclusion? The answer is yes. If you don’t address this issue, you’re putting yourself at risk of oral health problems. Examples of oral health issues that arise from malocclusion include gum disease, tooth decay, and jaw problems.  

Studies show that untreated malocclusion can also impact your mental health as it negatively affects your self-esteem. People with bad bites often withdraw from social interactions because they feel self-conscious about their appearance. 

How Do You Treat Malocclusion?

Not all treatment plans are the same. Your orthodontist will assess the type of malocclusion you have and the severity and extent of the problem before coming up with a tailored treatment plan. The standard treatments for malocclusion include braces, tooth aligners, tooth extractions (to address overcrowding), and jaw surgery.

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Do You Have Questions About Braces in Fort Pierce?

If your orthodontist suggested braces, we’re sure you have questions in mind about how much they cost, how long the treatment time is, etc. At Ricard Family Dentistry, we’re happy to answer all these questions for you. We offer a wide range of superior quality dental services that are affordable and customized to your needs. Our team has the knowledge and skills to take good care of you during your visit. Contact us today for an appointment.