White Fillings

For decades, amalgam (metal) fillings were commonly used to fill dental cavities. Even though they work well, their silver color made them unappealing to the eye while their chemical makeup posed potential health risks. Many of us will end up with a cavity at some point, so having that noticeable filling isn’t ideal.

Recently, we at Ricard Family Dentistry began using white (composite) fillings, which are made of tiny glass or quartz particles. Besides being a great alternative to amalgam fillings, these white fillings can match the color of your teeth.

Benefits of White Fillings

  • They provide support by chemically bonding to the tooth.
  • The tooth is less likely to crack.
  • Preparation is less invasive. Less of the decay typically needs to be removed from the tooth.
  • They can repair teeth that are worn, chipped, or broken.
  • They can be matched to the color of the tooth.

After Your Treatment

If you experience some tooth sensitivity after a white filling is placed, you’re not alone. Your tooth could feel some sensitivity toward sweet food and drinks, temperature, pressure, and even air. This will typically go away rather quickly, but until then, try to avoid whatever triggers it. If the sensitivity does not go away, give us a call.

Tooth Care After Fillings

After you get a filling, you should continue good dental hygiene as you normally would. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please let us know.

More Information on White Fillings

If you need an old filling replaced or need to schedule a dental exam, contact Ricard Family Dentistry at our Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie offices to schedule an appointment. We look forward to treating you!