Silver Versus White Fillings: What To Choose?

July 29, 2021
woman in a Dental office in port st. lucie having teeth filled

How many Americans visit dental offices in Port St. Lucie complaining of toothaches? Can you make a wild guess? Statistics show that ninety-two percent of American adults between the ages of twenty and sixty-four suffer from cavities. Hence, the tooth pain.  

Luckily, if the decay is caught early, it can be treated by removing the decayed parts and filling the holes with dental fillings. Two of the most popular dental fillings are silver amalgam and white fillings. What are the differences between the two? 

Dental office in port st. lucie filling teeth

Silver Amalgam Versus White Fillings

The Basics of Silver and White Filings

Another term for silver filling is dental amalgam. This type of filling is a mixture of metals like mercury, copper, tin, and silver.  

Meanwhile, composite fillings are made from ceramic and plastic. These two types of fillings have the same function – they are primarily used to restore the function and integrity of your tooth by repairing cavities.  

The Differences Between the Two Fillings

The most durable of all are silver fillings. This type of filling is ideal for teeth that can endure a lot of pressure and force such as your molars. 

Once placed on your teeth, they harden pretty fast. Compared to composite fillings, silver fillings are cheaper so if you’re looking for a cost-effective, budget-friendly filling, you may want to consider silver.  

Composite fillings are barely noticeable because their color blends with the shade of your teeth. If you develop a cavity in your front teeth this is the best treatment. However, they are weaker compared to silver and they do not last that long.  

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