Risks of DIY Dentistry: Why Professional Teeth Transformations Are Best

April 24, 2023
A dentist holding a mirror for a patient at a dental office in Port St. Lucie

Do you know why people gravitate toward DIY? They are convinced that taking matters into their own hands can save them money. While this effectively applies to home improvement projects, unfortunately, DIY doesn’t work for smile transformations. It can be tempting to whiten or straighten your teeth by following step-by-step tutorials online since they make it look so easy.  

However, attempting to change your smile yourself involves many risks and can potentially harm your oral health. If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your smile, you should visit one of your favorite dental offices in Port St. Lucie.  

A dentist and a patient at a dental office in Port St. Lucie

Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Smile Transformations 

Destroy Your Teeth and Gums 

One of the biggest risks of DIY dentistry is that it can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums. An example is using at-home whitening kits. Did you know that many products sold in supermarkets and online marketplaces contain harsh ingredients that can cause irritation, sensitivity, and tooth decay 

Similarly, straightening your teeth using household items to make DIY braces can lead to destructive results. People who opted for this unsafe method had to undergo more extensive and expensive dental work to reverse the damage. 

Less Than-ideal Results 

Not everything you see online is true. Most before and after results have been tweaked to gain more likes and subscriptions. One of the risks of trying DIY is that you don’t get the desired results. It’s common to see influencers promising dramatic results, but trust us; their methods don’t work. And most of the time, they only worsen the condition. Only trust the experts if you want a safe and sure way of recreating your smile.  

A patient checking her teeth in the mirror at dental offices in Port St. Lucie

Get Cosmetic Dental Treatment From Dental Offices in Port St. Lucie 

Some people are driven by the expression “desperate times call for desperate measures,” but you should not experiment or rush things when it comes to your smile. Visit a cosmetic dentist to get the smile transformation you want and deserve.  

Ricard Family Dentistry offers tailored cosmetic dental treatments to give you your dream smile. Our team has years of experience in the industry to provide safe and effective treatment. Contact us for a consultation.