How to Avoid Cavities in Surprisingly Simple Way

January 9, 2023
woman holding a cardboard with a cavity sign needing a Port St. Lucie Family Dentist

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 90% of adults aged 20 years and above have at least one cavity. Cavities are one of the reasons why patients seek help from a Port St. Lucie family dentist.  

The problem with cavities is it’s a progressive condition, which means once your teeth start decaying, the damage will continue to advance unless treated. The good news is that you can prevent cavities from destroying your smile and oral health.  

patient shows Port St. Lucie Family Dentist what toothbrush to use

The Simplest Ways to Prevent Cavities

Learn About Your Cavity Risk Level

You can take control of your oral health by visiting your family dentist for regular comprehensive oral exams. Regular checkups will give you an idea about your health status. Your dentist can tell you where you stand and what treatments you need to improve your oral health.  

During your consultation, you’ll also learn many things, such as the proper way to brush and floss your teeth, how often you should do it, what type of toothbrush is ideal to use, and dietary changes that will help minimize your risk of getting cavities. Knowing your risk level will also determine the frequency of your visits.  

Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Good oral health starts with brushing and flossing regularly, but sometimes people ignore their oral care routine. Unfortunately, plaque continuously forms in your mouth, and if it stays there for 48 hours, it will harden into tartar.  

You cannot remove tartar even if you brush your teeth. Only your dentist has the tools to scrape stubborn tartar off your teeth effectively.  

Cavities form when bacteria in plaque release acids. These powerful acids will eat away the outermost layer of your teeth, creating craters and compromising your teeth’s integrity. Tartar not only predisposes you to cavities, but it can also cause gum inflammation and infection.  

Port St. Lucie Family Dentist using a concave mirror to check patient's cavities

Looking for a Port St. Lucie Family Dentist?

The good thing about cavities is they are preventable. As long as you visit your dentist at least twice yearly and brush and floss daily, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for as long as possible.  

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