Why Are My Gums Swollen While Wearing Braces?

February 07, 2022
man wearing Braces in Port St. Lucie holding a magnifying glass to his mouth

People who wear braces in Port St. Lucie are prone to swollen and bleeding gums because the metal brackets and wires offer a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria to thrive. However, don’t let this stop you from getting orthodontic treatment 

Braces provide numerous benefits not just for your smile but for your oral health as well. But, because of its complex design, you must be extra careful to make sure your gums remain healthy.  

man in a suit smiling while wearing Braces in Port St. Lucie

Understanding Braces and Swollen Gums

The Relationship Between Braces and Your Gums

The placement of the brackets makes it challenging to clean your teeth. As a result, plaque and bacteria tend to build up around your braces and collect along the gum line. This can cause irritation and inflammation to your gum tissues leading to bleeding, red, and tender gums.  

However, there are cases where your gums may look swollen, but this doesn’t mean that you have gingivitis or any form of gum disease. Instead, it could simply be a result of your teeth getting pushed together.  

How to Prevent Swollen Gums While Wearing Braces 

One way to prevent swollen gums is to show up for your appointments. Your dental appointments will allow your orthodontist to check on your gums and remind you to brush and floss your teeth daily using the proper techniques.  

In addition, practicing good oral hygiene at home is one way of stopping bacteria and plaque from destroying your gums.  

patient getting her Braces in Port St. Lucie adjusted

Are You Wearing Braces in Port St. Lucie?

If you’re wearing braces and your gums look swollen and feel tender, we will check your gums and let you know if it’s a gum problem or just part of the treatment. At Ricard Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing you with services guaranteed to improve your oral health while giving you the smile of your dreams. We will care for you with our wide range of personalized treatment plans. Contact us today to book an appointment.