What Type of Dentures Do You Need?

November 7, 2022
Woman at Fort Pierce with Dentures

Every person’s worst nightmare is losing their permanent teeth. Tooth loss not only affects your smile but also impacts your oral health. It may not be apparent now, but sooner or later, you’ll start encountering problems associated with missing teeth. Luckily, Fort Pierce dentures can restore your oral health and spare you from potential issues down the road. If your dentist recommends dentures, it helps to be familiar with the different types so you can decide which one is best for you.  

Patient and dentist Fort Pierce Dentures

What Are the Different Types of Dentures? 

Full Dentures 

Complete or full dentures are removable sets of upper and lower artificial teeth. The teeth are made of porcelain, while the base is made from acrylic. This is the best option for people who have lost all their permanent teeth.  

Since dentures are removable, they rely on suction to keep them in place. Sometimes dentists use a denture adhesive to secure the dentures. When properly cared for, complete dentures can last up to 10 years.  

Partial Dentures 

Dentures are made to fill in the space created by missing teeth. Partial dentures are ideal for people who still have a number of permanent teeth left. Similar to complete dentures, partials consist of replacement teeth connected to a gum-colored base. Metal clasps attach the denture to your natural teeth.  

Temporary Dentures 

Immediate or temporary dentures are placed in your mouth as soon as your teeth are extracted. You can wear temporary dentures while waiting for your permanent dentures to be released from the lab. In some cases, dentists will provide temporary dentures so that you can transition to wearing dentures more easily, especially if your teeth are sensitive 

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Interested in Fort Pierce Dentures? 

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