What Type of Dental Implant Is Right for You?

December 12, 2022
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The decision to get dental implants in Port St. Lucie is just the first step. You will also need to decide what material will be used for the implant. This is a big decision, so we suggest you take your time, do your research, and ask as many questions as possible during the consultation 

We will be happy to discuss your options in depth so you can make an informed decision. Learning about the different types of dental implants available will make choosing easier for you.  

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What Are the Different Types of Dental Implants?

The two most common implant types are endosteal and subperiosteal. 

#1 Endosteal

The most popular dental implant type is the endosteal implant. It consists of an innovative screw-shaped post and an artificial dental crown attached to it.  

Endosteal implants are ideal for patients with healthy jawbones since the implants need to integrate with the bone tissues. Since osseointegration doesn’t occur overnight, the process can take some time.  

Nevertheless, once it is complete, you can enjoy your implants for over 20 years. You may find the next implant type more appealing if you don’t like the idea of a foreign object being placed in your jawbone. 

#2 Subperiosteal

If you’re not a suitable candidate for endosteal implants, you may want to try subperiosteal implants. What makes them different from endosteal is that they are not affixed in your jawbone but rather stay on top of the bone under your gum tissues.  

It has a metal frame positioned under the gums, and attached to it is a post. Over time, your gum tissues will heal around the implant to keep it in place. The attachment of false teeth will then follow it. Subperiosteal is ideal for patients with insufficient jawbone density.  

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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Port St. Lucie

Regardless if you choose endosteal or subperiosteal, dental implants can change your smile for the better. At Ricard Family Dentistry, we’ll ensure you’ll love the outcome. We will explain all your options in full detail, highlighting the pros and cons and discussing the possible risks, so you’ll know what to expect. Contact us today to learn more.