What Happens If You Keep Ignoring Your Dental Appointments?

May 4, 2022

You see dental offices in Fort Pierce packed with patients every day. The sight of people waiting for their turn already makes you nauseous. Let’s face it, many of you are afraid to see the dentist. Some say they don’t want to be judged, while others are afraid of pain. And then there are those who don’t want to spend money on dental fees. For whatever reason, people who incessantly ignore their scheduled appointments almost always end up with oral health problems. 

dental offices in Fort Pierce taking care of a patient's mouth  

What Are the Consequences of Missing Dental Appointments?

Cavity Formation 

You think you can get away with it, but you can’t. Even if you are diligent in brushing and flossing, cavities can still form, especially in hard-to-reach areas. By refusing to visit your dentist, you allow plaque to accumulate in these areas. Bacteria in plaque will release acids and erode your enamel, leading to pits and holes, better known as cavities. If cavities aren’t treated, your dental pulp could get infected, resulting in more costly dental repairs. 

Development of Gum Disease 

Dental visits prevent plaque from turning into tartar. Once plaque hardens into tartar, you’re opening your mouth up to more complicated problems such as gingivitis. Tartar can stubbornly attach to the surface of your teeth and along the gum line. Over time, it will cause gum irritation, inflammation and infection. Without treatment, gingivitis can progress to full-blown periodontal disease. 

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Is It Time to Visit Dental Offices in Fort Pierce? 

You don’t have to visit your dentist every week. The American Dental Association recommends you visit at least twice a year, given that you don’t suffer from oral health problems. People with gum disease and those with a high-cavity risk may need to visit more often.  

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