What Does a Dental Emergency Look Like?

March 28, 2022
Emergency Dentist Port St. Lucie about to perform root canal on patient

Have you ever tried calling your emergency dentist in Port St. Lucie in the middle of the night because you thought that your problem needed emergency dental care? How did you feel when your emergency dentist told you that it could wait until morning? It can be helpful to determine what a dental emergency looks like. Not every oral health problem requires immediate treatment.

woman needing an Emergency Dentist Port St. Lucie 

What Are Common Dental Emergency Cases? 

Worsening Tooth Pain 

Tooth pain is not normal and is a cause for concern. However, the longevity, the intensity, and the type of pain you are experiencing should be taken into account. 

You can manage some tooth pain by taking over-the-counter pain medication and waiting for the dental office to open. But, if the pain comes with swelling and puss oozing out of your gums, then you need to let your emergency dentist know as soon as possible. 

Chipped and Broken Teeth 

Did you bite into hard candy, or did you use your teeth as a tool to open a package? Regardless, if your tooth is broken or chipped, you can rinse your mouth with warm water, get a clean gauze, and apply it over the site to control the bleeding. 

You can also use a cold compress on the affected side of your face to minimize the swelling and to help alleviate the pain. Do all these while you wait for your emergency dentist. A large chip or break in your tooth requires emergency dental care. 

Emergency Dentist Port St. Lucie checking patient's tooth

Do You Need to See an Emergency Dentist in Port St. Lucie? 

Are you experiencing severe tooth pain that won’t go away or incur a huge chip or crack in your tooth? At Ricard Family Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services, including emergency dental care. Our team has the skills and knowledge to take good care of you to help restore your oral health to tiptop shape. Call us today.