What Are the Different Parts of Metal Braces?

November 28, 2022
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Braces in Port St. Lucie are one of the oldest orthodontic devices in the industry. Over the years, people trusted metal braces because of their efficacy in fixing a wide variety of dental issues, such as closing tooth gaps, aligning crooked teeth, and repositioning teeth that stick out.

Traditional metal braces consist of different elements. Every component that makes up braces is unique and serves essential functions. smile with Braces in Port St. Lucie

What Are the Parts of Traditional Metal Braces?

Orthodontic Brackets 

Orthodontic brackets are the tiny square features that your orthodontist will cement onto each tooth. The purpose of these brackets is to control the movements of your teeth. A small space in the center of the bracket is intended for the archwire to pass along.

At the corners of the brackets are tie wings – where your orthodontist will connect the stainless steel or elastomeric ligatures that secure the archwires to your brackets. Some brackets have hooks. These hooks are where the auxiliary elements are attached, such as elastics and coil springs.

Arch Wires

When the brackets are cemented into your teeth, the archwires come next.  They come in different shapes, like rectangles, squares, and even round. The materials used may also vary, such as beta-titanium, stainless steel, or nickel titanium. The type of wire used will depend mainly on the stage of your treatment, and the teeth movement needed. 

Molar Bands

In some cases, your orthodontist may use molar bands for teeth that are quite challenging to treat. An example of such a case is when teeth partially erupt. Molar bands also have a spot where the archwire is placed, connecting the bands to the brackets.

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