Unusual Ways You’re Damaging Your Teeth

January 11, 2021
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Almost all dental offices in Port St. Lucie hang framed infographics on their walls showing tips on how to keep your teeth cavity-free. It’s no secret that the foundation of a healthy mouth is proper dental hygiene. However, many people are wondering why they still get cavities despite religiously brushing and flossing their teeth. Learning to identify the most common causes for cavities is the first step to better protect your teeth. So, let’s find out more.

where are the best dentist offices in port st lucie?

Lengthy Cardio Workouts

What do cardio exercises have to do with your teeth? If you’re a fitness junkie, you should read up. Recent studies indicate that athletes are more prone to enamel erosion when compared to non-athletes or non-exercisers.

Why does their enamel wear away faster? Research shows that the more time they spent training, the higher their risk of developing cavities. The explanation is simple. Whenever you exercise, your body produces less saliva. Saliva contains important minerals that help neutralize acids and protect and nourish your teeth from wear and decay. Also, athletes tend to drink energy drinks packed with sugar and sports drinks teeming with acids. That means that fitness enthusiasts should visit dental offices in Port St. Lucie more frequently to have their teeth checked.

Brushing Teeth Right After Mealtime

Do you know brushing right after a meal, especially if you have just consumed acidic food and drinks, can make your enamel brittle and weak? Not only that, but it also increases your chances of getting chips and cracks on your teeth as well as teeth stains. To fix this, dental offices in Port St. Lucie encourage you to wait 30 to 40 minutes before you start brushing your teeth.

where are the best dentist offices in port st lucie?

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