The Unspoken Benefits of Dental Implants

April 25, 2022
Dental Implants in Fort Pierce up close

How many people can benefit from dental implants in Fort Pierce? A lot! If you’re looking for artificial teeth that closely resemble natural teeth, your best option is to get dental implants. 

Dental implants are metal posts surgically implanted into your jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. Attached to these screw-shaped posts are connectors called abutments. Your oral surgeon will place the dental crowns over the abutments to complete your smile. What’s so great about dental implants? 

Dental Implants in Fort Pierce

The Benefits of Dental Implants 

Strong, Secure, and Stable 

Dental implants are impressively strong, and they offer stability and security unlike any other, owing to the nature of how they are placed in your mouth. Furthermore, they are designed to mimic the anatomy and physiology of your natural teeth. 

So, whether you lost a single tooth or a whole arch of teeth, dental implants will fill in the gaps to restore your smile and oral function. In addition, since they are embedded in your jawbone, you’ll never worry about them slipping or falling off like in the case of dentures. 

Built to Last a Lifetime 

Dental bridges and dentures do an amazing job of restoring your smile and allowing you to chew and speak normally, but they don’t last a lifetime. Studies show that bridges typically last up to 15 years, while dentures last between 7 to 10 years. 

Unfortunately, you’ll need to replace your prosthesis with a new one by this time. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about repairs and replacements because once they are in your mouth, they will stay there forever with proper care. 

female patient happy with her new Dental Implants in Fort Pierce

Interested in Dental Implants in Fort Pierce? 

Would you like to see if you qualify for dental implant placement? At Ricard Family Dentistry, our doors are open to serve you. We will thoroughly inspect your mouth and overall health condition to see if you’d make a good candidate for dental implant surgery. Our team has years of experience providing you with the best possible dental care. Call us today for an appointment.