The Pros and Cons of Veneers

September 26, 2022
patient checks her veneers in Fort Pierce

We tend to ignore the red flags when we want something so bad. But, in the case of veneers in Fort Pierce, it would be unwise not to know the two sides of the coin, considering that it’s somewhat permanent.  

Veneers are tremendously popular thanks to celebrities who are proud of their flawless veneer smiles. These thin porcelain shells are great for addressing minor dental imperfections such as chips, cracks, tooth gaps, slight misalignment, and discoloration. With all the rave, one should question, are veneers too good to be true? Are there no downsides to them?    

patient glad she had veneers in Fort Pierce

Veneers: The Good and the Bad   


Let’s start with the pros of veneers. Yellow-stained teeth can be challenging to brighten, especially if you are a smoker or a coffee drinker. Yes, teeth whitening treatments can work, but if you return to your usual lifestyle, the discoloration and stains will return.    

Veneers are stain-resistant, so once they are attached to your teeth, you can enjoy drinking sodas, coffee, and wine to your heart’s content without worrying that your teeth’ shade will get too much darker.    

Veneers don’t just fix discoloration. Did you know that they can also hide chips and cracks? And not only that, but they can also close narrow tooth gaps, correct minor teeth misalignment, and improve the size and length of your teeth.    


One downside to veneers is they can be a bit expensive. However, if you research, you’ll understand that the cost justifies the benefits. Some patients also experience tooth sensitivity after the application of veneers. But the good news is that the sensitivity is only temporary and should go away in a few days.    

technician creates veneers in Fort Pierce

Get Your Veneers in Fort Pierce Today!    

Veneers have benefits and drawbacks, but ultimately, you can see that the pros far outweigh the cons. Don’t deprive yourself of a beautiful smile. Get your veneers today. At Ricard Family Dentistry, we aim to provide you with the best dental care tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us today for a consultation.