Misconceptions About Dentures

January 18, 2021
where can i get fort pierce dentures?

Do you know how many Americans don’t have teeth? The numbers will shock you! A recent poll shows that more than 40 million Americans have lost all of their permanent teeth due to periodontal disease and severe tooth decay. There are many misconceptions about dentures, and although they are one of the cheapest options for tooth replacement, modern-day dentures look nothing like the ones our grandparents are wearing.

where can i get fort pierce dentures?

Top Denture Misconceptions

Dentures Look Fake

For many years, the materials available to create Fort Pierce dentures were not well-suited for the task and often resulted in ill-fitting prosthetics. Since they didn’t fit perfectly, there was a tendency for the dentures to slip and loosen. Not to mention they were also uncomfortable to wear.

However, modern technology has made loose and unaligned dentures a relic of the past. Modern dentures are innovatively designed to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth and gums. The base material is usually either a polymer or acrylic resin that matches your natural gum’s color. Today’s dentures also have the added benefit of digital mapping technology which helps create an almost perfect fit every time.

Dealing With Denture Pain

The first time you wear your Fort Pierce dentures, you’ll feel some discomfort. Although this is normal, there is no need to worry because the discomfort tends to be mild, tolerable, and quickly goes away after just a few days. One of the greatest misconceptions about dentures is that denture pain doesn’t go away. Well, it does once your mouth has adjusted to the dental prosthesis. You will only experience pain associated with dentures if they don’t fit your mouth well.

where can i get fort pierce dentures?

Are You Interested in Learning More About Fort Pierce Dentures?

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