Don’t Like My Veneers: Can I Change Them?

July 18, 2022
woman giving a thumbs down sign and needing new Veneers in Port St. Lucie

You’ve always wanted to change your smile. After several teeth whitening treatments and still dissatisfied with the results, you finally decide to invest in veneers in Port St. Lucie. Scouring the internet for offices that offer the lowest price, you finally found one that has the most reasonable offer.

After the consultation and settling payments, you get your new smile. But the cosmetic dentist didn’t exactly give you the smile you wanted, and now you’re frustrated because you don’t want them anymore. What do you do?

a smiling woman pointing at her new Veneers in Port St. Lucie

Unhappy With Your Veneers? Here’s What To Do

What Are the Consequences of Choosing Cheap Veneers?

Lower cost doesn’t always mean they’re the best option. If you want to achieve a beautiful smile, it will be reasonably priced. So, if an offer is too good to be true, you may want to dig deep and learn more about the practice.

Low-quality veneers will look fake. If the bonding technique is incorrect, your veneers will eventually fall off. Also, if there is leakage behind your veneers, you’ll be prone to tooth decay.

Can You Reverse It?

Ideally, once veneers are placed on your teeth, they cannot be reversed.  The only way to change them is to let your cosmetic dentist remove them and get a new set of veneers.

But, this time, we prefer you choose a different dental specialist. Before you commit to a cosmetic dentist, do your research and, if possible, ask for before and after pictures from previous patients so you’ll know what your new smile will look like.

a woman choosing the right shade for her Veneers in Port St. Lucie


Get Your New Veneers in Port St. Lucie!

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