How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Dentures

July 25, 2022
dental technician working on Port St. Lucie Dentures

People love to make the most out of their purchases. One example is Port St. Lucie dentures. The average lifespan of dentures is between seven to 10 years, given that they are made from high-quality materials like acrylic and ceramic.

However, the material is not the only reason for how long you can expect it to last. Some patients return to the office to ask for a new set of dentures because the ones they are using are already damaged, broken, or ill-fitting. How can you make the most of your dentures?

woman holding Port St. Lucie Dentures

Tips to Make Your Dentures Last Longer

Handle Dentures with Care

Owning dentures comes with responsibilities. Unlike dental implants, dentures require special care. First, you must soak them overnight to keep them moist. Otherwise, they could warp and lose their shape. Ask your dentist for recommendations on what denture solution to get.

Next, it’s important to sterilize your dentures before putting them inside your mouth to ensure they’re clean. Never put dentures in boiling water. Furthermore, make sure to brush your dentures before you use them. Only use toothpastes formulated for dentures because if you use regular toothpaste, your dentures will quickly wear down.

Have Dentures Relined

Over time, dentures will start to wear down, and you’ll notice this change when you bite down. Some patients may also notice that their dentures don’t fit well, which can be caused by several factors such as disease, tooth loss, or weight loss. When this happens, let your dentist know so it can be relined. Relining will not change the look of your dentures but will only alter the fit, so they won’t feel loose.

a senior patient with Port St. Lucie Dentures visiting a dentist

Do You Need New Port St. Lucie Dentures?

At Ricard Family Dentistry, we provide affordable dentures tailormade to fit the contours of your mouth to give you a beautiful smile and a functional bite. We also offer denture repair services. Contact us today to learn more.