How Should You Care For Your Veneers?

March 8, 2021
getting veneers fort pierce

Are you looking to change your smile? You don’t need drastic procedures to revamp your teeth. In fact, all it takes is a single procedure to improve how you look. Today, people love dental veneers in Fort Pierce. If you haven’t heard of them, try looking at celebrity photos and see how their teeth look. What you’re staring at are veneers.


Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain. Your cosmetic dentist will attach them to the front part of your teeth to conceal chips, cracks, and stubborn tooth stains. Despite their robustness, veneers can get damaged. Here’s how you should care for your veneers

getting veneers fort pierce


Taking Care of Veneers 101


Use Good Quality Toothpaste


When you’re wearing veneers, your cosmetic dentist will inform you to be wary of certain toothpaste brands because many brands in the market contain harsh ingredients that may be too abrasive for your new teeth.


Before you purchase toothpaste, we recommend you check the label at the back of the box and see if it contains substances like sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will erode your veneers while sodium bicarbonate will dull the sheen and color.


Be Careful What You Put into Your Mouth


While it’s true that veneers are durable, they are not invincible, which means they can still break. Therefore, be very careful and take good care of them as you would your natural teeth. Do not use your teeth as a tool for opening bottles and plastic packages. These hard objects can potentially break your veneers. Also, if you have a habit of biting into objects like pens and pencils, now is the time for you to stop. Otherwise, your investment will go to waste. 

getting veneers fort pierce

Do You Need Veneers in Fort Pierce?


Are you excited to cover up your dental insecurities with veneers? Make sure you know how to care for them so they can last longer. At Ricard Family Dentistry, we offer dental cosmetic procedures that will revamp your smile and regain your confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!