How Do You Deal with a Knocked-Out Tooth? 

July 15, 2021
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What are you going to do if your tooth falls out or it feels loose? Your emergency dentist in Port St. Lucie would tell you not to panic. In moments like these, you need to stay calm. Mind over matter.  

When your tooth feels loose or if it’s out of the socket, the first thing you should do is to call your emergency dentist. The sooner you make that call the higher the chances of your dentist saving your tooth.  

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What to Do When You Experience a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Stay Calm

The moment you realize that your tooth got knocked out you should remain calm. If you panic, you are only going to make things worse. People who promptly notify their emergency dentist have a higher chance of saving their teeth.  

Emergency dentists are trained to skillfully and expertly re-insert your tooth as long as it is viable. Upon contacting your emergency dentist, you’ll receive instructions on what to do while you wait for help.  

The situation may be a bit scary but you have to have the presence of mind if you want to save your tooth.  

Follow Instructions Carefully

The usual instruction for a knocked-out tooth is to clean the dislodged tooth with tap water while holding the crown. Avoid scrubbing and brushing it and more importantly, leave the tooth roots alone.  

You can place the tooth back into the socket but, if you’re not confident, you can just put it in a clean milk container to keep it moist while you wait for your emergency dentist.  

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