Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

July 1, 2021
woman explaining her tooth pain to the Emergency Dentist Port St. Lucie

If you feel fine and healthy, lucky you! But if in the event your mouth feels odd, make sure you let the best dentist in Fort Pierce know about it. Millions of Americans suffer from oral health diseases. Studies show that your oral health can impact your overall health.  

Therefore, if your mouth is unhealthy there’s a big chance it will affect the rest of your body.  

Dental visits are crucial because it allows your dentist to study and examine your mouth. When you visit a dentist at least twice a year, you can be confident that whatever problem is brewing in your mouth we’ll identify, diagnose, and treat it before it worsens.  

girl seeking the best dentist Fort Pierce for tooth pain

Dental Symptoms to Look Out For

Gum Changes

Healthy gums should be glistening pink and they should snug tightly around your teeth. You know something’s wrong if your gums are swollen and if they start to bleed. Another sign that you’re having gum problems is when they change in color.  

Gum disease like gingivitis or periodontitis is a result of poor oral hygiene. It could be that you’re not brushing your teeth twice a day or you skip flossing. 

If you don’t follow your dentist’s instructions, plaque and tartar will build up in your teeth and along the gumline and wreak havoc in your mouth.  

Tooth Pain

It’s not normal to experience pain in your teeth especially if it’s persistent. Pain that persists and increases in intensity needs to be checked as soon as possible. Tooth pain can indicate tooth decay or an infection. It can also be a symptom of cancer.  

The best way to know why you’re experiencing pain is if you visit your dentist and have your mouth checked. We’ll conduct a thorough examination to accurately diagnosis the issue before designing a treatment plan for you.  

the Best dentist Fort Pierce examining a woman's mouth

Do You Need to See the Best Dentist in Fort Pierce?

If you want to maintain or improve your oral health you should see your dentist at least once every six months.  

At Ricard Family Dentistry, it is our goal to give you honest, efficient, affordable, and personalized care. We equip our clinic with the latest tools and technology and our team is highly trained and skilled to perform all kinds of dental treatments. Call us today to learn more about what we offer.