What are the Causes of Periodontitis?

September 1, 2020
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You know that your gums are healthy if they’re firm, pale pink in color, and if they fit snugly around your pearly whites. However, if they’re red, bleeding, swollen or puffy, or tender to touch, you may have periodontitis or gum disease. If you don’t have a dental health provider, it’s best to schedule an appointment with one of the dental offices in Fort Pierce. Periodontitis refers to a severe gum infection that can cause irreversible damage to your soft tissue. If this is left unaddressed, the infection may eventually destroy your jawbone.

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Top Causes of Periodontitis

Plaque Buildup

When the starches, as well as the sugars that are found in your food, interact with the bacteria in your mouth, they form plaque, which refers to the sticky and colorless film that settles on your teeth. Unfortunately, plaque re-forms quickly even if you brush at least twice a day and floss daily.


The hardened plaque under the gumline turns into tartar or calculus. Compared to plaque, it’s more challenging to get rid of tartar. Plus, it’s filled with bacteria. Unless you head down to your dentist’s office for a professional dental cleaning, it would be impossible to remove tartar buildup by brushing and flossing.


In case you’re wondering, gingivitis is gum disease in its mildest form. It is characterized by the inflammation and irritation of the gum tissue located around the base of the teeth. This condition can be reversed with proper home oral care, as well as professional treatment. 

Chronic Gum Inflammation

Did you know that ongoing gum inflammation can progress into periodontitis? If left untreated, this can lead to the development of pockets between the gums and the teeth. Over time, these pockets become more profound as they get filled with plaque, tartar, and bacteria. 

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