Dental Health Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

April 4, 2022
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You think you know everything there is to know about your oral health, but if you spend time with the best dentist in Fort Pierce, you’ll be surprised to learn fascinating facts that you haven’t heard before. The amazing thing about dental visits is it allows your dentist to educate you about the latest trends in dentistry and keep you updated with modern discoveries and research. Furthermore, your dentist will invalidate myths and misconceptions that stop you from achieving optimum dental health 

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Fascinating Facts Concerning Your Dental Health 


Did you know that 25% of adults do not follow the recommended number of times they are supposed to brush their teeth? Unfortunately, if you fail to brush your teeth two times a day, you increase your risk of developing tooth decay and cavities by 33%. 


Are you aware that the hardest part of your body is the enamel? However, even if they are strong, they can succumb to cavities, tooth decay, and tooth loss if you don’t practice good oral hygiene.  

Flossing Facts 

Many people think they can get away with just brushing, so they skip the flossing part. What they don’t realize is that even if you brush your teeth, if you don’t floss, you’ll still get cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. The first commercial floss was introduced by Codman and Shurtleff, Inc. way back in 1882, but it was in 1965 that Johnson and Johnson acquired it.  

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