Brushing Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Smile 

July 8, 2021
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When you do something out of habit you often forget the rules. It becomes automatic to you. Like brushing for example. So many patients visit their Port St. Lucie dentist complaining of tooth pain and bleeding gums.  

The usual culprit to these problems is poor oral hygiene. What’s ironic is these people claim to diligently brush their teeth. What do you think went wrong? Surveys reveal that the reason why people still succumb to oral health problems is because of brushing mistakes.  

Brushing Mistakes Revealed 

You Chose the Wrong Toothbrush 

Your Port St. Lucie Dentist can help you pick a toothbrush

Are you aware that the type of toothbrush you use to clean your teeth matters a lot? According to dentists, the best toothbrush is one that has soft bristles. It doesn’t matter if you choose a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, what matters is the bristle type.  

Soft bristles are preferred because they bend and can remove food particles, bacteria, and plaque from under your gums.  

Most people falsely believe that hard bristles are more effective in cleaning your teeth but this isn’t the case according to science and research. If you want to loosen plaque effectively, go for soft bristles.  

Brushing Too Hard 

Another factor that puts you at risk of cavities and tooth decay is brushing too hard. Brushing your teeth isn’t the same as brushing your bathroom floor tiles that you need to put extra effort to remove all the mold.  

Plaque isn’t hard and although they cover your teeth, they don’t stick to them like glue. Simple brushing is enough to loosen and remove them. When you brush with too much force you will cause enamel erosion. 

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Do You Need to See a Port St. Lucie Dentist? 

If you want to learn more tips about keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong, we can help you.  

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