Are You a Candidate for a Root Canal?

October 28, 2022
Port St. Lucie Family Dentist root therapy form on the table

Do you know why it’s essential to see your Port St. Lucie family dentist yearly? Regular dental checkups and cleanings help reduce your risk of tooth infection. Luckily, tooth infections can be saved through root canal therapy.  

According to the American Association of Endodontists, more than 15 million root canals are performed yearly. Endodontic treatment is necessary if the infection in your tooth has reached the dental pulp. At this point, the procedure is the only way to save your tooth and your smile.  

Port St. Lucie Family Dentist prepares patient for root canal

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy? 

What Is a Root Canal? 

Untreated cavities, chips, and cracks can allow bacteria to penetrate your dental pulp and instigate an infection. When your pulp is infected, your dentist will perform root canal therapy to save your tooth. 

In this procedure, the infected and inflamed pulp is taken out, the empty chamber is disinfected, and the tooth is filled with a special material and sealed to prevent re-infection.   

What Are the Symptoms That Require Root Canal Treatment?

How do you know if you have an infected tooth? Seeing a dentist for a proper diagnosis is the best way to get confirmation. However, learning about the signs and symptoms of an infected tooth can also help as it prompts you to seek treatment. The following are some symptoms you should look out for: 

  • Persistent tooth pain. Many factors can contribute to tooth pain, but if the pain can be felt deep within your tooth and doesn’t go away, you may need root canal therapy 
  • Tooth Sensitivity. If your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks, you need to see a dentist to check if there’s an infection. Sensitivity caused by an infected pulp usually lingers for several seconds.  

Port St. Lucie Family Dentist performs root canal therapy

See a Port St. Lucie Family Dentist for Treatment! 

Root canal therapy is the only way to save an infected tooth. At Ricard Family Dentistry, we offer affordable, personalized treatment plans to help restore your oral health. Contact us today if you want to book a consultation.