2 Dental Crown Facts You Should Know About

November 5, 2020
Who is the best Fort Pierce Dentist?

Are you worried about your worn down and decayed teeth? If you’re concerned about aesthetics, you will be glad to know that your Fort Pierce dentist can rebuild your smile for you through dental crowns.

Dental crowns are a great way to restore both the function and appeal of your smile. A dental crown is a dental cap shaped like a tooth. It’s placed over the tooth you wish to cover to improve its size, strength, shape, and shade. How much do you know about dental crowns? Let’s find out more. 

Who is the best Fort Pierce Dentist?

2 Interesting Facts About Dental Crowns

Dental Crown Uses

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown to protect a tooth that has been compromised as a result of decay or to stop it from breaking. It may also be placed to restore a broken tooth or a severely worn down tooth.

Dental crowns are also useful in covering dental implants, conceal a severely discolored tooth, or holding a dental bridge in place. These crowns have improved the smiles of millions of people worldwide who are not satisfied with the shade, size, and shape of their teeth.

Dental Crowns Are Stain Resistant

Do you feel embarrassed about your heavily stained teeth? Years of smoking and consuming dark-colored food and drinks will inevitably show on your teeth since your enamel are highly porous. The good news is that your dentist can conceal these stains through the application of dental crowns.

What’s more, is these crowns are designed to be stain-resistant, which means you do not need to have your teeth whitened. You can choose what shade you want to get.

Who is the best Fort Pierce Dentist?

Do You Need To See A Fort Pierce Dentist?

Dental crowns are inarguably an excellent way to improve the function and look of your teeth! They will give you a bright and brilliant smile. At Ricard Family Dentistry, our mission is to give you the best possible dental care. Our clinic offers a wide range of dental services using updated techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

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